Elektra Prerolled CBD Hemp Flower by Loot CBD - 1g

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Elektra Prerolled CBD Hemp Flower by Loot CBD - 1g

Enlighten your senses with an Elektra CBD Prerolled Hemp. Electrify your body and brighten your mood with Elektra’s earthy notes containing ~12% CBD content and less than <.3% THC. Light up, gently inhale, & enjoy.

Loot was created with one goal in mind: provide the world's freshest and most lip-smacking delicious smokable hemp flower on the market. And they've done it!

This is no simple task, in fact, it's more of an art. Each strain is sourced from certified growers to ensure high quality hemp, eye-popping aesthetics, and clean genetics. Each nug is then individually trimmed and cured to ensure optimum smokeability and enjoyment.

Finally, the manicured treasure is canned in nitrogen to ensure freshness for up to 3 years. (Fun fact: studies have shown that nitrogen canned flower intensifies the terpene profile of the flower over time, so it ages like a fine smokable wine).

Available in 1g Prerolled CBD Hemp Flower


  • Prerolled
  • 1g of CBD Hemp Flower
  • CBD: ~12.5%
  • Full Spectrum Hemp
  • Premium Grade Hemp Flower
  • USA Grown
  • Third Party Lab Tested