How CBD Helped a Former NFL Star Live a Better Life

How CBD Helped a Former NFL Star Live a Better Life

The NFL is full of some of the world’s best athletes and larger than life personalities. As passionate viewers every Sunday, we expect our favorite players to perform at the highest levels, compartmentalize any pain, and get ready to do it again the next week.

 The simple reality, however, is that all football players are putting immense stress on their bodies. Along with the risk of concussions, football players must try avoiding and preventing things like traumatic injuries, overuse injuries, and heat injuries. If those injuries occur, they must identify the best treatment options and put in the hard work to recover—even after they have retired from the game they love.

 Lofa Tatupu is one of the NFL players. A former linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks, Tatupu played for six seasons in the NFL, reaching three Pro Bowls and even obtaining a first-team All-Pro designation.

 Tatupu was clearly a stellar linebacker. But even after retiring from the NFL in 2010, Tatupu was struggling to address some of the injuries that he suffered while on the field. That is when he turned to cannabidiol (“CBD”) products. Not only did they provide him with significant relief, but Tatupu has started his own CBD company to help others who are living with chronic pain.


Changing Lives

 As a linebacker at the pinnacle of the sport, Tatupu’s body went through unfathomable stress. This stress occurred for many years. At the start of his fourth year in the league, however, those injuries started to add up. Tatupu told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer that his injuries began wearing him out physically and mentally. Throughout his career, Tatupu suffered multiple concussions and had ten total surgeries in his life (eight coming from his football activities).

 While Tatupu did his best to recover from all of these injuries, he was not able to take advantage of the therapeutic benefits from CBD products. This is because, even to this day, the NFL does not allow for the use of marijuana or other cannabis-related products. Even with this long-standing rule, former NFL players—like Percy Harvin—have admitted that they used marijuana to deal with physical or mental ailments while on the field.

 According to Tatupu, he never used marijuana or CBD products during his playing days. Seven years after retiring from the NFL, however, Tatupu started using CBD products to help him deal with pain. The former Seahawks star is so bullish on the power of CBD products that he feels like he would be wrapping up his career this year if he could have taken CBD products in the NFL. Tatupu told the Post-Intelligencer that “I feel like I could go back out on a field right now.” Through CBD products, Tatupu said, “I know that I’m in a better place overall: mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I would dominate. I guarantee you that.”

 Even though Tatupu isn’t going to go back to the gridiron, he has taken his passion for CBD products to an entirely new level. Several days ago, Tatupu announced that he is launching a new CBD startup.

 Tatupu says that his goal is to help others experience the positive effects of CBD treatment. Along with the products themselves, his goal is to educate others on how CBD treatment can make a true difference in users’ physical and mental health.


Making a Tangible Difference

 Even though Tatupu is winning games for the Seattle Seahawks anymore, his next venture promises to make an even bigger impact on the lives of ordinary people. CBD can be a fantastic way to treat physical and mental ailments. Even better, scrappy entrepreneurs and hardened regulators are working to improve access to CBD products throughout the country.

 Even if you aren’t an NFL star, CBD can be an excellent treatment alternative for a wide range of ailments. If you would like to learn more about our products at MedBlue CBD, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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